Equal Opportunities at Partner Institutions

NCCR Robotics is highly committed to fostering and promoting equal opportunities. It is an integral part of our different partner institution’s development policies, offering different family support measures such as family work-life, equality and careers, equal opportunities in terms of access to studies and events amongst others. We recommend visiting these websites on a regular basis for updates .

We would also like to draw your attention to GENDER CAMPUS, a platform for Gender Studies, Equality and Diversity at Swiss Universities.

Other events coming up in these institutions include: 

Two public conferences on the theme of “harassment at work: prevention and intervention” are organized on the EPFL Campus and UNIL. The lectures will be given in French language.

As part of the “Discriminations and the Labour Market” course of the EPFL Humanities College, a public conference on the topic will take place on 17 April (12:30 – 13:30 in room CM4). Bulle Nanjoud and Mélanie Battistini, two specialists from the Deuxième observatoire, a private research and training institute specialising in psychological and sexual harassment at work, will give the lecture.

The 2nd conference will take place on the UniL campus on May 3. It is organized by the associations of scientific collaborators at UNIL and EPFL (ACIDUL and ACIDE).  The speakers are Catherine Lazor, CHUV, Karine Lempen, Professor of Law at the UNIGE, and Véronique Ducret from the Deuxième observatoire.



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