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EPFLRobots are engaging and captivate the young generation’s imagination. Robots also provide a valuable educational tool and a hands-on-fun way of learning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) by watching and interacting with robots.

As part of the NCCR Robotic’s commitment to increase interest in robotics studies amongst the younger generations we are proud to offer, through the Science Outreach Department at EPFL, a number of courses and activities and workshops. Please note that these courses are all taught in French.

Summer camp for girls (11-13 years old) “Remue-Méninges à Robocity” A fun scientific week with the subject “Brain and robotics.” In this workshop, girls will have the opportunity to visit labs, prepare and exposition, participate in games and experiments about the brain and to build a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot.

Crocorobot robotic workshops (7-10 years old 50% girls-50% boys) In this workshop children will have the opportunity to build and to programme a hungry crocrodile as well as other animated creatures made out of LEGOs.

Thymio robotic workshops (13-15 years old 50% girls-50% boys) Thymio,developed within the NCCR Robotics, is a small interactive robot which can move, change colour, perceive obstacles, the edge of the table amongst others. In this workshop, the participants will learn the basis of how Thymio functions, as well as the basis for programming it.

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We also recommend you to discover the NCCR Robotics developed interactive robot Thymio. Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language. Easily accessible to different ages, Thymio can be programmed and carry out numerous experiments.

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